I did not write any tests

And obviously, I hate myself now

I made a website for a friend a couple months ago, it was a quick and dirty job, and to be honest not much more was/is needed.

This being a quick and dirty job, I did not write any tests (because I am my own worst enemy). After all, there are literally four screens and three use cases to test. Realistically I could test the three use cases in under two minutes.

My friend asked me for a small change, this being basically a greenfield project, it took literally 20 minutes to implement.

So, all good, I test the screen that I think is affected, go to the home screen just in case, all is good.

Great! I made a friend happy for basically no effort, world is wonderful!


2 minutes later I get a message "hey Pablo, do you know the search is broken?"

"Ah right! This partial is used here!"

If only I coule have done something to prevent forgetting to test something...

You know, something that is actually low effort and would not only save me 2 mins each change, but most importantly would no have allowed me to deploy something broken in an obvious way!

Dear reader, if you know something that would have helped here, please let me know!