Why I write when no one reads

I only write occasionally, and my writing subjects (as my learnings) are all over the place. I realize that that will make it so I have only a few (or no) readers, so... Why do I keep writing then?

I like it

To be frank, it is fun to write; I am an avid reader and have always thought it would be nice to write something someday (ideally a fantasy book), so until I do some fiction, writing about the different situations I face, be it reacting to what I see in the internet, showing how I solved a fun, explaining how a situation made me think or reflecting on how I face certain things allows me to both get some practice in writing and to have fun while I do it.

Someone might have similar situations

Although my 'audience' is tiny, and if I am candid with myself, no one will land on one of my articles with a search. But, it might land unexpectedly in someone's lap (well screen), and they coincidentally might be facing a similar situation. In that case, it might help spark some thoughts.

I can point to them

I write about subjects I care about, so it has happened that during a conversation (or interview), I can point to an article if someone wants to expand on my thoughts on XYZ (not sure anyone went and read it, though)

So, what?

Nothing really, just... if you like writing, do so! It's enjoyable, structures your thoughts, and might just be helpful for that person!